The Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet was designed to guarantee more competitiveness to the operators in the industry while complying with the European Directive implemented by Decree 81 dated 2008.
Thanks to this revolutionary product, operators can transport the unassembled portable toilet to the rental premises and assemble it there piece by piece in under 3 minutes without needing any tools, not even a screwdriver.
The patented closure system of Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet enables extremely easy piece-by-piece assembly, with none of the pieces weighing more than 12kg (see International regulations on lifting of weights).
To facilitate transport of the Rapidloo components, HUB was developed for Rapidloo, a container that enables neat and practical storage of components of two unassembled Rapidloo toilets in the space of a standard toilet.
In addition, the Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet can be prepackaged in a pack of 4 toilets taking up the space of one assembled toilet.
The revolutionary accessory R-sanitize for Rapidloo (wash basin, flush, recirculation all in one unit) can also be assembled and disassembled without using any tools, screws or rivets.