Ordinary Porta Loos

Our ordinary porta loos are technically equipped and excellently designed in consideration to its unique flush system and modern design. It has a re-circulating flushing unit with an unusual hands-free foot pump. The pump includes a 21 gallon Sierra Forearm sink and comes with 63-gallon large tank. The foot pump is ideally located in an alcove which reduces the exposure to foot traffic. Another interesting feature of ordinary porta loos is that it is equipped with flip lid prop stand that facilitates servicing, maintenance & cleaning of loos. We are leading ordinary porta loos supplier in India. Our clients have really appraised the design and technology used in our ordinary porta loos rental services as it is quite convenient to clean, simple to maintain and serve their outdoor purpose.


  • Ordinary Porta loo model is a recirculating flushing unit that utilizes a hands-free foot pump. The Reflow Plus also includes the 21 gallons Sierra Forearm Sink.
  • Large 63-gallon tank with Foot Pump Recirculating Flush System
  • Rugged rotational molded tank and skid design
  • Flip lid utilizes integrated hinge, making cleaning and servicing a breeze
  • Foot pump is conveniently located in an alcove eliminating exposure to foot traffic
  • Flip lid prop stand for easy servicing