We also provide modernly designed, highly demanded and immensely popular segways. These two wheeled, battery operated transportation device is commonly used by individuals having physical disabilities. It is technologically equipped and needs the rider to accurately balance it.  Onsite Rentals acts as supplier as well as service provider as per its client’s desirability and needs. It is generally used in amusement parks, open events or for community services. If you have more questions to enquire, then get in touch with us.


Dimension                  :           48*60*88 cm
Max cruise speed      :           18km/h
Max load                    :           125 kg
Max. Mileage (after full charging)  : 30-35km
Max climb capability :         30 degree
Min turning radius   :           0
Charging time           :           8h -10h

Battery                       :           PB,36V,42Ah
Power                         :           Two imported DC Motor, DC servo drives
Voltage                       :           100V-240V
Max Power                :           1000 watts *2motors
Lifetime of battery    :           1-3 years
Tire                             :           19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth
Wheel                         :           12 in / 26 cm silver Aluminum Rim
Height of handle        :           80-110 cm adjustable
Height of footplate    :           10in/26cm

Specification of footplate      :           11.5x25 in / 16 x 40 cm
Max. Height above ground :           13 cm
Standard Pressure    :           100 kpa

Certificates                :           CE & ROHS & FCC