Portable Electric Heater Supplier in Delhi

If you are planning for any type of outdoor event like wedding, reception, birthday party, meeting, fun in this cold season, you need a perfect heater to make heat your event and feel them comfort. From year we provide top quality products and services in all India.  Before renting any heater, first fix the right place for heater and other things. Before 2-4 week of final date, contact us, we recommend you the best place and perfect number of product to manage the whole event.



When you hiring a rental portable heater, be sure to check the rate of company you contact. An electric heater that is good for a certain area will consume lots of energy on the contrary a portable Steel heater, cooper heater, pyramid Heater or new electric heater expecting to cover a large area will consume more power.

  1. 1,500-Watt halogen heating element provides 139 sq. ft. of heat for a porch or patio
  2. Electronic ignition allows for quick start-up and turns off without the hassle of lighting and extinguishing a pilot light
  3. Uses standard 220-Volt household current for improved heating efficiency
  4. Stainless steel and aluminum construction provides durability
  5. Quiet-operating design minimizes ambient noise
  6. 8 ft. power cord provides enough length to reach a nearby outlet
  7. Stainless steel finish adds a stylish accent to your patio

Safety while using Rental Electric Heater

Portable electric heaters that are provide by Onsite Rentals Services Pvt Ltd have been tested, proven, and certified to meet all safety standards. There is nothing to worry about.

  • Keep at the Right Place
  • Plug Directly into an Outlet
  • Regularly Inspect and Maintain Safety
  • Ask Our Man to Unplug if Not in Use
  • Keep Heaters Away From Water
  • Keep Heaters Away From Kids
  • Keep Heaters Away From Pets

For any query feel free to contact us: 011 40000669

Visit our website: http://www.onsiterentals.com


Onsite Rentals

Onsite Rental Services Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2000 to render efficient services in the industry. With years of experience and rich domain expertise, we have become a trusted supplier, service provider and trader in this ever competitive industry.

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